Library Survey

The Jernigan Library assesses its services through regular surveys. This survey helps the Library ensure our physical and virtual services meet the needs of the Texas A&M University-Kingsville community. Thank you for your cooperation.
1. My overall library experiences have been positive.:
2. The Library provides adequate comfortable seating:
3. I know how to request books and copies of articles from other libraries:
4. The "Ask Us" chat or email service provides adequate research assistance.:
5. OASIS, the online catalog is easy to use.:
6. I know how to find the books I need for my assignment.:
7. I know how to use the library online resources to find journal articles.:
8. Training provided for library resources such as OASIS, the online catalog, is adequate.:
9. The Library instruction provided me with information about using library resources.:
10. I know who to ask in the library when I have a question about research.:
11. Library staff are knowledgeable when answering my questions.:
12. The Library website is easy to navigate,:
13. I would use software to help me build works cited or bibliographies if it were available.:
14. It's easy to find a computer in the library to do research.:
15. It's easy to find a computer in the library for word processing purposes.:
16. It's easy to connect to the wireless in the library.:
17. It's easy to find a convenient place in the library to use my laptop.:
18. I use the Library resources.:
19. Hours per week spent using library resources.:
20. Age range:
21. Gender
22. Classification
23. Additional Comments: